Day One, part two: Sol and so-longs

Well well well. Let’s see, what happened yesterday? I loaded up all my media mail packages and headed to the downtown post office only to find that the Rose parade was totally occluding access. It took me trhee tries total, but I finally found a contracted USPS location and shipped … Maybe 5? boxes to Maine. Back to Kim’s, I finished preparing the Fedex boxes and loaded them into my car. It was really fun to conference call Kim and Susan when our initial plans for lunch fell through. Executive Moving Day Josieda!

Lunch was at Sam’s For Play (I got the bumper sticker for my guitar, which it will soon sport along with an In-N-Out sticker) with Susan, Chris, the kids, Tony, and Kim. Biscuits and gravy make me think of Mel, which makes me think of chili cheese dogs, which make me think of the Snoopy Ice Rink, which makes me think of Heidi place… Ah, memories. Lunch was fun, and I got some good pictures (they’re on their way). I still didn’t quite feel the full brunt of leaving, though. Saying bye to Susan was really sad. I think that I shall never see, a thing as lovely as Susan B.

After that, Kim, Tony and I went to Fedex and shipped the rest of my packages for a whopping $250. Kinda makes you wish you’d been more selective in what you chose to ship….

Back to casa KT, where I finished packing my stuff. Kim offered to take care of the Goodwill stuff and extra food, much to my relief! I can’t get over how amazing she was to me. If you’re awesome and need a referral to an amazing friend, I can hook you up. Saying adieu to Kim was hardest. She’s been there for so many huge transitions in my life, and always with such positivity and generosity of spirit. Sometimes I wish I were a little less flibberty-gibberty and a lot more Kim, but as I keep saying: the world takes all kinds. The world needs all kinds.

Poetically, my last stop in Santa Rosa was at Colin’s mom’s house, which was the first place I ever went to in Santa Rosa. Colin and I drove from there to Marin for dinner at Sol, a Puerto Rican restaurant I love. My stomach was too upset to eat much of anything, but we had a good time (and discovered that we’d been on camera at Sol’s second location for the entirety of our meal, because we’re rockstars like that).

On the drive down to Emeryville to stay the night, I experienced a first! I’m always fearful of accidentally driving into the concrete barriers they use when redoing a road, especialy when you’re flying along at 70 mph within what feels like 6 inches of the things. The car in front of Colin ran into them! Bits of concrete the size and shape of a forearm came tumbling and ricocheting towards my windshield! The car that hit the median kept driving, but I can’t imagine what the damage must have been! Scary. Exciting. First.

Colin and I stayed up watching Firefly and then went to bed. At present, I’m getting updates on the Sharks game (Chicago won, boooooo!) and kayaking trip pictures from Kim and Susan, respectively. Quixo seems pretty mellow about being in a new place, which is reassuring. I’m waiting to hear from Sean and Stephanie about plans for her birthday dinner, and heading to the Tonga Room in San Francisco for cocktails with Colin and Snoo, following.

Don’t mind the typos in these posts; I’m updating from my iPhone. God bless technology!

I miss my friends already, and am secretly masking my sadness with frustration at waiting. Shhh, don’t tell.


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